celebrating 30th post with a guest blog…CHECK IT OUT!

DISCLAIMER: So…I totally thought I posted this last week! YIKES. What a funny energy that surrounded last week. Anyway, here it is…

Hi all! A huge thanks to all the followers and readers of AWA’s blog. And what a way to celebrate the 30th post. An old friend of mine from college has a wonderful site called the ajennda (www.theajennda.com). Every Friday she has something call “5 things” based off of all sorts of interesting topics. She asked if I’d like to guest blog and pick my top 5 things based on whatever I desired. FUN RIGHT!? So here it is… A HUGE THANK YOU TO JENN AT ┬áthe ajennda! And AWA fans, be on the look out for a guest blog done by Jenn!

Check out the link for my 5 favorite things about being in my 30’s!