Sitting in Fierce Pose (aka Utkatasana)

Who doesn’t like the word FIERCE? Ok, ok so it may have a wild or aggressive undertone but I can’t help but relish in the power of embracing our ‘wild’ sides.

In physical yoga, this pose is seen as just that: POWERFUL, FIERCE. The buck doesn’t have to stop there. Lately, I have found this pose to offer permission to let loose. FREE YOURSELF TO BE YOURSELF. When teaching or breathing in this pose I like to tune in and see what feels right. Some moments it is necessary to sit still in the seated-ness. GROUND the feet to the earth while the arms reach above the head (palms may also be placed together in front of the heart for tight shoulders). DIG in to the ass by bending the legs and sitting the seat as if about to sit in one’s most favorite chair, all while allowing the upper body to be free and open. A beautiful time to flow within the presence of fierceness.

As I have mentioned in past posts, fierceness was not always my cup of tea. I found it loud when I was use to quiet. I found it threatening to those with a past or present not yet understood. Today I realize that is a bunch of BS. Our power is in our presence and the more we shy away from be-ing in the moment, the more we will shy away from the power that lies within each an every one of us. Personally, the more I shied away from honing in to my fierce presence, the more I stood in my own way. A demon that still baffles me. “How can fear of being powerful halt so many life experiences?” It is hard to explain but so easy to see. I was afraid to have opinions because of my own, possibly fierce, voice being heard!?!? Insane right!? This demon has required a lot of inflection, reflection and awareness. THANK GOODNESS FOR A PHYSICAL YOGA PRACTICE to help through this process of quieting the mind, tuning in, and building an awareness practice.

Try this. The next time you encounter a life experience that throws you through a loop and you feel afraid, powerless and insecure, sit your fine ass in a chair/fierce/utkatasana pose and see what sits at the seat of your being. Do you revel in having the time to be with yourself and practice stillness? Then stay still. Do you always have something to say but don’t? Then sway your hips and move the arms around, all while keeping the lower half of the body grounded. And do we dare mention the possibility of dropping the pose all together and having a dance party on the mat?? Play with the idea of opening up to a little move & groove. Or remain presently still in your powerful presence. However this pose comes, remember to stop posing and start living!



2 thoughts on “Sitting in Fierce Pose (aka Utkatasana)

    • Yoga is always there my friend! Whether you are practicing chair pose or rocking that baby boy to sleep. PLEASE send pics of you in some poses on the farm! And when we make a trip out there we can get the whole crew out for some yoga!

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