A recipe using up left-overs – Vegetable Fried Rice

The idea of using up left-overs started at a young age. Growing up with not a lot of money, once a week, my mom would serve left-overs for dinner. No big deal! After all, back in the day, you ate whatever was served at dinner. There was no separate meal made for different family members and their particular taste buds. Meal time was what ever mom or dad prepared. Period.

As I got older and eventually lived on my own, left-overs of certain sorts grossed me out. Like left-over fish…NO WAY! When I use to eat red meat, couldn’t really get down with that either as a left-over (unless used in spaghetti sauce or something). These days, I see the benefit of cooking once and eating twice. For instance, on Sunday I may make a large batch of brown rice. 3 meals for a couple people can come of this. Possibly a type of porridge or brown rice pudding for breakfast, rice with beans for lunch, and in stir fry for dinner.

I was out of town for the weekend and had a couple options for lunch. However the brown rice that was made a few days earlier was staring me in the face. Then I thought about fried rice. That’s it! So easy to whip up, delicious & nutritious! Doesn’t get much better than that!


Brown rice (left-over friendly)

Veggies of any sorts (for this I used broccoli & carrots)


Oil (sesame or toasted sesame will add to the fried rice style but I didn’t have any on hand so used grape seed)


Tamari or soy sauce

Pepper and any other spices


1. Saute garlic & veggies in a little bit of oil. Set aside when reached your desired texture. I prefer mine a little crunchy so sautéd about 5 mins.

2. Add a little bit more oil to pan and add rice. Use spatula to flatten out rice in a single layer.

3. Meanwhile, mix the egg, tamari and pepper/spices in a bowl. Add to pan with rice. Move around like scrambling an egg for about 7 mins until egg is cooked through and the fragrance of fried rice is in the air.

4. Transfer to a bowl and add the veggies.

**This can easily be made vegan by omitting the egg and substitute with tofu.

left-overs for lunch BEFORE

left-overs for lunch BEFORE

left-overs for lunch AFTER

left-overs for lunch AFTER




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