a day to celebrate mothers

As I’ve stated before, “celebration days” are a thing of wonder in my mind. Not in a pessimistic way. In the way of…questioning the tradition of choosing one day out of the year to put someone or something or some tradition on a pedestal. Yet over the past year, I see it more of a way to set an intention. And as a parent, an opportunity to learn, mold as needed, then lead the way, with hopes that my offspring will eventually think and reflect rather than blindly follow the herd.

There is something to say about mothers using this day as a way to shine, or shout out loud their deepest wants and needs. And for some, that may simply be to sit in silence. Yet I can’t help put think of how many women in the world don’t have this opportunity or end up being the very source of providing whatever this shine or shout is. As a daughter, I have spent the days leading up to mothers day preparing a gift or a day of fun, always with a thoughtful written note. As a mother, I have spent mothers day’s with my spirit locked in a room too scared and insecure to come out. And I have spent a couple mothers day’s with heart ache and grief. Through it all, it is important to remember that our visions (desires, dreams, etc) become clear only when we look within. It is when we look outside that we loose the clarity of that which we seek. So fellow momma’s, today I wish for you all to have the space and time (even if 10 mins) to turn within and investigate the crevices of you. I wish for you to have the courage to stand in your truth and live the life you want to. Being the greatest example to your children.

On a personal note…last years mothers day, something clicked. My son collected a bunch of rocks from his schools grounds as my gift. Gratitude for simplicity overwhelmed me in the moment of unveiling the rocks. When we spoke about the rocks, he explained it was all he had…all he could come up with. And he said this in a matter of fact way, in a “well its the truth” way. No fear of judgement. No anxiety about an outcome. I could hardly find the words to express that the rocks were more than enough. The thought of him stopping his day of work and play to collect rocks of different size and color. The thought of him finding time to pause within his day to think of me. That…is enough. In fact, I believe this world could use a whole lot more of this simple act. Pause more. Feel less. Think and reflect more. Revel in the simple things. Drop the complicatedness.

This year, with a much more free spirit, I voiced the following:

  • breakfast in bed sounds lovely
  • a day at the beach…family, sand, salt water, sunshine, spring/summer foods
  • a break from social media

Although plans changed a bit, the day was so full and yet so simple. Just the way momma likes it!





4 thoughts on “a day to celebrate mothers

  1. Keely,
    This was so beautifully written and I love the honesty in your writing. I’m sure you had a beautiful Mama’s day this year! Thanks for sharing.

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