2013’s day of birth

I meant to post something on my birthday, Friday, April 5, 2013. The weekend was jam packed with activities so this post will include thoughts from that day as well as the days following.

So today is my birthday. Around this time, 32 years ago, the forces of nature kicked in and pushed (with the help of my o-so-incredible momma and daddy) me into this world. Birthdays tend to be an odd tradition to me. One day out of the year to be celebrated, loved, showered, etc. What about greeting each day we wake with the thought “HEY! I woke up again! Let’s get this day started!”. How about greeting each day with celebration for who we are, loving all the parts and pieces, showering ourselves with true self-love and care.

I often wonder how the tradition of celebrating birth days began. And now in the 2000’s a birthday is celebrated with a themed party, goodie bags, pressure of offering full meals, cake or cupcakes or both, ice cream, and presents. Leaving parents, guardians, loved ones, stressed and financially strapped. Great example of this is the MTV show My SUPER Sweet 16. This show debuted in 2005, as I approached my son’s 1st birthday. I admit, in the wee hours of night breast feeding, I watched a handful of episodes. In amazement. In disgust. It reminded me of an imaginary scene of a swarm of sharks being tantalized by shiny objects. Not to get into criticizing television but there is this aspect of “whatever the birthday boy or girl wants, the birthday boy or girl gets” that has tainted my experience with birthdays. Not that there is anything “wrong” with celebrating being born. I am merely sharing my wonderment with a popular tradition.

This year I discovered what this birthday girl really wants, more than anything in the world. I want to be free to be me. What does that mean? On Friday, April 5 2013, that meant the following, in no particular order (HA! the cake being the first thing that came to mind):

  • to bake a delicious and healthy cake (see below for recipe and pics)
  • to go to the salon and play with my hair (cut & bit of color change)
  • to have a party with delicious & nutritious food, hysterical & fun games, and groovy people
  • to reflect on what has been, in order to prepare for what is to come
  • to dance around like a child
  • to feel free enough to not worry about what someone may think if I do this or say that
  • to love and be loved
  • to give and receive

Cheers to another year of living!

Check out this delicious cake recipe and look around at the site. Truly inspiring! Chocolate Banana Birthday Cake with Maple Glazed Walnuts by My New Roots, Sarah Britton http://mynewroots.org/site/2012/09/chocolate-banana-birthday-cake-with-maple-glazed-walnuts/


Also, please check out this link that will connect you to a recipe of a cookie that will ROCK YOUR WORLD! And they are gluten free! My dear friend Leah Verier-Dunn whips up recipes that will help anyone seeking a wholesome, delicious way of life. She comes up with innovative ways to incorporate healthy foods into a busy life. I begged her to bake these cookies for the party. And they were a hit!



3 thoughts on “2013’s day of birth

  1. Hello Keely!!! I love you so much and yes each day as we awake we can say Happy Birthday, Thank you Lord for this brand new day. I personal do not celebrate my birth day except with you. Thank you so much for today 4-12-13 I had a delightful, fun, loving, bright day with you then Sulli and for a moment Adam and Cloe!!.. Remember to Keep the Faith to Keep the Love and Let it all Go!!!

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