13 bean soup

In a rush at the store the other day when I ran into one of my fav gal pals. She told me I had to try Bobs Red Mill 13 Bean soup mix. That her and her family have been doing all sorts of different recipes with this one mix. So here is my family’s take on 13 bean soup…


This batch is serving 2 immediately and will be great leftovers for 2 afterwards. So I began with soaking 1 cup of the bean mix overnight with a piece of Kombu (a sea vegetable known for easing the digestion of beans when soaking).


The next morning, drain and rinse the beans several times. I brought the  beans,water, and 8oz vegetable broth to boil in large pot (didn’t use measuring cups because I am trying to contact my inner chef and not feel obliged by recipes). I covered the beans by about 2 inches and boiled for 3 hours.

Then added a sweet potato, 2 red potatoes, onion, celery, carrot, a few herbs and spices to the pot and simmer for another 45 mins (until the potatoes are tender).


The end result was a delicious, SUPER simple soup. And our 1 cup of soup fed us dinner and lunch with plenty still in the bag for another times use.


I debated whether or not to include an ingredients/directions/cooking time list for this. I decided not to. This is SO easy and SO adaptable. One could add chicken or sausage if wanted. One could make a chili out of the cup of beans. So join me in contacting your inner chef and get out of the habit of having a recipe to go by. ENJOY!!!! And please share with me your versions of 13 bean soup!


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