overwhelmed vs. stuck

Have you noticed certain themes continue to show up throughout your life? Like being titled the klutz of the family? Or maybe the unsaid voice of a friend “you were in the same situation this time last year”? You know the happenings that may repeat themselves throughout a lifetime. Well, it is when my themes come to be that I begin to dig within and take a look at what is really going on. Like putting up one of my brown eyes to a telescope and reflecting at my thoughts, intentions and choices.

January 2013 was a clean slate (so-to-speak). Making shifts in my life to open up space to begin a health coaching business. Making shifts in my intentions to get back to intuitive, healthy living for myself and family. Here we are, the end of January is upon my shoulders and I feel a bit overwhelmed.

There are a couple options when sitting in this feeling. Let it brew until the point of breaking. Or surrender to it all and then put something, at least ONE thing, into action. So today, after two days of being on edge and a little unpleasant, I went to a remote park and did yoga alone. No music, no computer or phone. Just me, the sun, a mat, the ground below and air above. Natures sounds and creatures allowed me to sit in my shit and move through this overbearing feeling that I was too late and possibly not good enough. Guess what!? I came home and had something to write about. Whereas before, I was stressing about what topic, recipes to share, etc.

So here is to action. Here is to being alive and unique. I raise my glass to having my own rhythm through life. Cheers to those of you out there that may feel overwhelmed at times and may get stuck in the rut. Let us be reminders for each other that the rut is just that. Give it a little space and clarity is often around the corner.


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