Bag Lady

During many times in my life, I have been known as the “bag lady”. In high school, a family friend could hardly swallow the amount of things I carried on a day to day basis. Once I broke it down for him, he somewhat understood. I had my backpack for school stuff, my dance bag for dance stuff, my casual bag for work stuff (I went to work from school) and my purse.

In college, my fiance at the time (now my ex-husband) would try to help me condense my “things”. The help did not work. There was no way to eliminate the amount of bags. So, my car became the holding place for my “things” that were all necessary.

In early days of motherhood, the bags were now full of not my things, but the baby’s things. Those of you that have experienced know what I am talking about…the diapers, the wipes, the extra change of clothes, the toys, the blankets, the toiletries, the snacks, etc. In this phase is also when my urge to empty the bags at the end of the day died. Unfortunately, this is still the case. This purse has one tube of lip balm, another purse has chapstick, and that purse I used for the wedding last summer still has the lipstick I decided to wear that day.

In wrapping up a much needed girls weekend. The topic for this blog came to me as I dropped the last of 3 friends visiting off at the airport. The weekend was absolutely complete in all possible facets. We laughed, cried, shared, reasoned, broke-down, and committed to positivity. We danced the give and take dance. We stood in our truth and took turns dissecting where our truths came from and why we chose them to be true. As the weekend came to an end, each one of us thought, “Now what? How do we leave this trip and continue to take sweet care of ourselves? to forgive? to grow and remain always in our stance of authenticity?”

Bags! THAT’S IT! I will use the bag theory so that these “things” are always with me. So that wherever I am, I am home. So that self-sufficiency is prevalent. The first bag that came to mind was my spiritual bag. We set a lot of intentions, practiced a ritual, and reminded ourselves of our own healing powers this weekend and I realized how important it all is and how easy it is to get caught up in day to day life. So I pack my intention of creating a kick a** garden this spring. I also pack my promise to continue taking the sweetest care of myself by listening to my body and feeding it only what it needs and sometimes what it wants. I pack the commitment I have to a forgiveness ritual that will begin with the new moon in February.


10 thoughts on “Bag Lady

  1. Keely!!! I adore you, my friend. Thank you for this. I love the metaphor, and I can fully relate to the bag lady thing as I was a bit of a gypsy myself all throughout 2012 and the year before. I commit to carrying all of my good intentions with me as I move through 2013. When I need rest, I may set it down for a moment, or put it in my bike basket (future bike to come) or have a friend hold it for a minute while I dig out something else I need from another bag. You get the picture. Thank you for your inspiration and love, always. You’re one of my lady heroes!

  2. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did
    you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. thanks

  3. Oh My Goodness Keely! The Bag Lady!! I think perhaps some of this was inherit (to receive as an heir)!! I remember your bags and thought How organized you were. I love the idea of setting it down, or asking for help, or leaving in the closet with the lip stick in ready for the next special occasion. I truly did enjoy the evening you all shared with me and the memory is in my slept bag. At times I am not able to fall back to slept and I bring out the memories, especially the fun and enlightened times. thank you Keely!! Great Blog.. Love Mom

  4. Love to you too and Sulli & Adam are they aware of your beautiful blog, I bet Adam is. Off to work yet am not in a hurry no more!!! Imagine no more hurry for me. I suggest that every one gets out of being in a hurry. You Keely was/is the very first human that taught me that. Not that others were there to teach me, it was just you who caught my attention. Thank you!! Have a wonderful day, and remember your bags HA!! Love, Prayers & Happy Trails Mom

  5. Keely, enjoyed “Bag Lady” immensely! As a carrier of bags myself, I may look at these bags a little differently now. Thanks for the smile…

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