13 bean soup

In a rush at the store the other day when I ran into one of my fav gal pals. She told me I had to try Bobs Red Mill 13 Bean soup mix. That her and her family have been doing all sorts of different recipes with this one mix. So here is my family’s take on 13 bean soup…


This batch is serving 2 immediately and will be great leftovers for 2 afterwards. So I began with soaking 1 cup of the bean mix overnight with a piece of Kombu (a sea vegetable known for easing the digestion of beans when soaking).


The next morning, drain and rinse the beans several times. I brought the  beans,water, and 8oz vegetable broth to boil in large pot (didn’t use measuring cups because I am trying to contact my inner chef and not feel obliged by recipes). I covered the beans by about 2 inches and boiled for 3 hours.

Then added a sweet potato, 2 red potatoes, onion, celery, carrot, a few herbs and spices to the pot and simmer for another 45 mins (until the potatoes are tender).


The end result was a delicious, SUPER simple soup. And our 1 cup of soup fed us dinner and lunch with plenty still in the bag for another times use.


I debated whether or not to include an ingredients/directions/cooking time list for this. I decided not to. This is SO easy and SO adaptable. One could add chicken or sausage if wanted. One could make a chili out of the cup of beans. So join me in contacting your inner chef and get out of the habit of having a recipe to go by. ENJOY!!!! And please share with me your versions of 13 bean soup!


overwhelmed vs. stuck

Have you noticed certain themes continue to show up throughout your life? Like being titled the klutz of the family? Or maybe the unsaid voice of a friend “you were in the same situation this time last year”? You know the happenings that may repeat themselves throughout a lifetime. Well, it is when my themes come to be that I begin to dig within and take a look at what is really going on. Like putting up one of my brown eyes to a telescope and reflecting at my thoughts, intentions and choices.

January 2013 was a clean slate (so-to-speak). Making shifts in my life to open up space to begin a health coaching business. Making shifts in my intentions to get back to intuitive, healthy living for myself and family. Here we are, the end of January is upon my shoulders and I feel a bit overwhelmed.

There are a couple options when sitting in this feeling. Let it brew until the point of breaking. Or surrender to it all and then put something, at least ONE thing, into action. So today, after two days of being on edge and a little unpleasant, I went to a remote park and did yoga alone. No music, no computer or phone. Just me, the sun, a mat, the ground below and air above. Natures sounds and creatures allowed me to sit in my shit and move through this overbearing feeling that I was too late and possibly not good enough. Guess what!? I came home and had something to write about. Whereas before, I was stressing about what topic, recipes to share, etc.

So here is to action. Here is to being alive and unique. I raise my glass to having my own rhythm through life. Cheers to those of you out there that may feel overwhelmed at times and may get stuck in the rut. Let us be reminders for each other that the rut is just that. Give it a little space and clarity is often around the corner.

Bag Lady

During many times in my life, I have been known as the “bag lady”. In high school, a family friend could hardly swallow the amount of things I carried on a day to day basis. Once I broke it down for him, he somewhat understood. I had my backpack for school stuff, my dance bag for dance stuff, my casual bag for work stuff (I went to work from school) and my purse.

In college, my fiance at the time (now my ex-husband) would try to help me condense my “things”. The help did not work. There was no way to eliminate the amount of bags. So, my car became the holding place for my “things” that were all necessary.

In early days of motherhood, the bags were now full of not my things, but the baby’s things. Those of you that have experienced know what I am talking about…the diapers, the wipes, the extra change of clothes, the toys, the blankets, the toiletries, the snacks, etc. In this phase is also when my urge to empty the bags at the end of the day died. Unfortunately, this is still the case. This purse has one tube of lip balm, another purse has chapstick, and that purse I used for the wedding last summer still has the lipstick I decided to wear that day.

In wrapping up a much needed girls weekend. The topic for this blog came to me as I dropped the last of 3 friends visiting off at the airport. The weekend was absolutely complete in all possible facets. We laughed, cried, shared, reasoned, broke-down, and committed to positivity. We danced the give and take dance. We stood in our truth and took turns dissecting where our truths came from and why we chose them to be true. As the weekend came to an end, each one of us thought, “Now what? How do we leave this trip and continue to take sweet care of ourselves? to forgive? to grow and remain always in our stance of authenticity?”

Bags! THAT’S IT! I will use the bag theory so that these “things” are always with me. So that wherever I am, I am home. So that self-sufficiency is prevalent. The first bag that came to mind was my spiritual bag. We set a lot of intentions, practiced a ritual, and reminded ourselves of our own healing powers this weekend and I realized how important it all is and how easy it is to get caught up in day to day life. So I pack my intention of creating a kick a** garden this spring. I also pack my promise to continue taking the sweetest care of myself by listening to my body and feeding it only what it needs and sometimes what it wants. I pack the commitment I have to a forgiveness ritual that will begin with the new moon in February.